Rockery and Inspiration


Rockery is a model based on the characteristic natural stone that has
been used in the history of Chinese garden modeling, and is considered
to be a means to fulfill people's desire to return to nature. I made
this Rockery the center of my production theme, and the work was
formed as its various forms. The concept of Rockery is deeply
connecting to the influential Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi, and
Laozi. The emphasis in Chinese painting was that the concept of "Qi"
was reflected on the picture screen as "Qi". My previous studies have
shown that "Qiyun" is a matter of brushstroke. With the motif of
Rockery as a motif, I used modern painting materials such as oil paint
and acrylic paint using the historical production method called Brush
stroke of ink painting, painting history, depiction, material, history
He created paintings using elements that were highly mixed.The
subtitle of this paper, "Place of Qiyun" is based on philosophy
represented by inspiration. Various themes such as temporality,
spatiality, conflict and harmony where all things depend on Rockery
and places, and all things depend on each other are revealed through
my painting studies. I tried to make it. Asking the world about the
great works that lead to the "Place of Qiyun" is an extremely
challenging attempt of expression for me.


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